Norton Internet Security Setup, Speed up Windows 8

Norton Security Setup, Speed up Windows 8

Symantec says that its elite antivirus software, Norton Internet Security setup, can circumvent Microsoft’s native security solution, Windows Defender, and in turn, offer a better, faster and more secure computing experience.

Remember the good morning of 2008, when running Norton internet Security would turn off the performance of your PC? Just in 2009, Symantec completely rewound the software & created a better and more refined version of antivirus setup. Since then, with each next version, it has improved.

However, the irony is that its competitors also have it. In recent times, security suites such as Bit Defender, AVG and Kaspersky have evolved to provide a better user experience, faster performance and robust protection.

However, Symantec has been the catalyst in the transformation process, pushing the limits of performance with each compilation. He realizes that performance would be a crucial factor not only for antivirus software but also for operating systems.

On the other hand, Microsoft claims that it has played all the cards correctly this time with Windows 8. After a few months, it will not slow down unlike most versions of Windows and also promises an intuitive and easy to work interface.

Although the code for Windows 8 has not yet come out, Symantec could not resist stating that Norton Internet Security, affiliated with Windows 8, would provide the fastest computing experience. In addition, he also confirmed that, according to his preliminary tests, Windows 8 PCs running Norton Internet Security ran 52% faster than those running Windows Defender.

Symantec would provide the functionality to upgrade to newer versions without the need to restart. In addition, with an autonomous automatic update function, it would stay updated and always be protected against malicious attacks.

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