How Does Antivirus Software Work and Protect Your Computer

How Does Antivirus Software Work and Protect Your Computer –

Norton software covers a range of products that help with Internet security, antivirus protection and offers identity protection that helps protect your device against identity theft and unknown malware threats. Norton offers you a strong Firewall that equips your computer with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, an Anti-Rootkit, a web shield and a security toolbar. They will work together to identify the threats on your computer to make sure they are eliminated and allow you to control their administration. The free edition of this comes with some disadvantages. Although it allows you to perform full scans and reveals all threats and spyware on your computer, it does not have the root kit that will remove them from your computer. In addition, it does not offer any external support that you can contact if you need help, nor does it offer any server support and cannot scan network drives.

Another is McAfee Virus Scan. This antivirus program is perfect for use in the home and office and combines the services of antivirus, firewall and anti spyware capabilities. This includes scanning of files in access, protection of incoming and outgoing firewalls, protection against spyware, daily updates, detection of rootkits, a website adviser that performs tests in each site you visit to detect evidence of spam, malware and phishing. In addition, it monitors your computer to detect any suspicious activity that a hacker can perform or the invasion of a virus. Finally, this device is compatible only with Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Another useful antivirus program is computer Tools Spyware Doctor, which scans your personal computer for any spyware by examining all the files on your hard drive, in your computer’s memory, and in the registry and cookies. It then quarantines all unrecognized and potentially harmful threats and prevents these threats from being saved to disk. You can manage all the threats and choose the ones you want to delete, too. It has real-time protection and eliminates most of the threats that appear on the computer, but has also faced some criticism about its ability to eliminate all threats.


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