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Browsing the internet is not safe in today’s world. You need to be extremely careful while using it. I mean an eye on a door and another is on screen. Wait!! It’s not about your mum, dad, or your family members. You need to be extra careful from viruses and malware threats. But honestly, you cannot detect them on your own.

Not all the antiviruses and security scans are able to run over multiple platforms such as windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. Norton Security Premium is the only protection that can be installed over most of the platforms. The package includes all the essential features of Norton Security Deluxe, plus a very important cross-platform parental control option and a very useful comprehensive backup system.

A reputed name in Industry

Norton Security Premium is maintaining its reputation by scoring best in the range. Whether its malware protection test or it is about blocking malware downloads, Norton Internet Security beat out all the competitors.

Firewall Safety

Norton Internet Security Premium promises for a powerful firewall that doesn’t bother you with pop-ups. Its android security gives you protection against exploit attacks and a spam filter. The Android security app gives you antivirus, harmful app detection, anti-theft, and many more features. If you are confused between two; Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium, then you should definitely go for Norton Security Premium as it has a lot of advanced features.

Online Backup

The backup option in Norton Security Premium is better in several ways and you get it absolutely free of cost with a subscription of Norton com Security. The independent app is strictly web-based that only allows backup to the cloud. Your Norton security premium comes with a default backup job, but you must review and accept it before it starts working.

Parental Control Feature

A tiny app is configured on every child’s device. The application is started just after you log in and create an account on No limit has been fixed for the number of child profiles or devices. When configuring windows on your PC, you can associate the child profile with a Windows user account.

Login to to install the Norton family browser extensions on your favorite Chrome. Just get your product key and Norton Chrome Security Extensions will work flawlessly to secure you from all malware threats and unknown risks.

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